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Year 5 Emergency Lesson Plans for Geography

Lesson plans for supply teachersThese emergency lesson plans for Year 5 Geography are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources. Also to be used following the guidance notes here.


Topic Lesson Plan
Water Try and chart how much water the children use in a week in their households. Look at how they can reduce their water use, and at why they would need to too!
Should the high street be closed to traffic? If the high street were closed to traffic, what exceptions would you make to the rule and why? (Ambulances, wagons.)
A contrasting UK locality – Llandudno How does it feel when you are in a contrasting locality? (City for village dwellers, countryside for city children etc.) Write a poem expressing excitement/daunting thought of going in one verse, second verse while you're there, and third verse reflection when you're back home.
Local traffic – an environmental issue Give each group of children a role in society (police/environmental activist/head teacher/OAP etc.) and tell them secretly what their opinion is of a local issue (traffic issue, parking, by-pass, one way street, cycle lanes etc.) and give 5 minutes to come up with an argument. Have a chairperson, and hold a debate. Children to write a summary of views in their books.
Investigating coasts How will an underground tunnel from this coastline to another affect the economy/environment/tourism etc. Discuss and write report.


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