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Year 5 Emergency Lesson Plans for Literacy

Lesson plans for supply teachersThese emergency lesson plans for Year 5 Literacy are only to be used by supply teachers who are faced with no planning or easily accessible resources. Also to be used following the guidance notes here.


Autumn Term

Word Level Work

  • Investigate plurals, find your own rules (much better than being given rules, as long as they're correct!)
  • Investigate meanings and spellings of words with prefixes: auto, bi, tele and circum.

Sentence Level Work

  • Give sentences in direct/reported speech, to convert to reported/direct speech (she said, "I am eating!" to she said (that) she was eating)
  • Give a list, and ask to place a colon, make their own lists (top ten authors/pop stars etc.) and place colons as necessary.
  • Look at the conventions for writing dialogue in narrative using current reading books, separate lines and commas etc.

Spring Term

Word Level Work

  • Collect onomatopoeic words and present them to class
  • See how many different ways the sound for example 'a' as in May, can be written

Sentence Level Work

  • Write a formal invitation on the board, and ask the children to change it to an informal one… and decorate!
  • Explore ambiguities e.g. Heavy Plant Crossing, they are cooking apples, police shot man with knife, Baby Changing Room, and Danger Swimmers Keep Out

Summer Term

Word Level Work

  • Spell unstressed vowels in polysyllabic words, e.g. company, portable, interest, description, carpet, freedom, extra
  • Investigate and create rule (better than being given one) for modifying words ending in e, when adding ing/ful/ly
  • Compile class dictionary for own slang words and give own definitions, e.g. mate, (it) wrecks, nectar.

Sentence Level Work

  • Use connectives other than and, then, but, to link clauses in sentences. Find in own previous work (collect lots of connectives before they start) and re-write sentence on today's page.

Text Level Work

Narrative / Plays / Scripts

  • Add a new character/scene to a Roald Dahl/Lucy Daniels/Jeremy Strong book, using the style of the author (i.e. a talking animal in a Roald Dahl book)
  • Write a short story (pref. myth/fable) on the board, and ask them to review and edit it (include misspellings, poor language selection etc. Make sure you clearly show that these are the parts to rework.)
  • Write a well-known story from someone else's point of view, i.e. The Wolf in Three Little Pigs/Little Red Riding Hood
  • Discuss known proverbs in class, a bird in the hand, too many cooks etc., and choose one to write as a story in fable/myth/legend style, to demonstrate it's meaning.

Non Fiction

  • Write an incident letter to the police from two different people's points of view, i.e. victim and eye-witness.
  • Write to the local MP regarding e.g. poor lighting outside school, placing poop scoop bins at edge of park etc.
  • Write instructional texts, i.e. How to Use a Computer: Ideal Text for Teachers!


  • Read a poem with a definite theme (i.e. football) and ask them to change the theme by substituting words (i.e. to horse riding)
  • Read a poem with a definite structure, explore structure and ask them to add a verse.
  • Convey feelings/moods in a poem, structure given by teacher. Shaped into a frown/smile?
  • Choral and performance poems, relate Christmas carols, Albert and the Lion, rap, pop music, nursery rhymes. Children to perform in small groups at end of lesson.

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