Daisy the Donkey’s First Fare – Russ Brown

Article submitted by Russ Brown, Teacher and Author

Daisy did not fit in, she was the only donkey in Saul’s taxi stable; every other taxi was a camel, long-legged, long-eyelashed and beautifully golden. It was for that reason that Daisy had never had a fare. She was short, scruffy furred and grey. People who took Saul’s taxis were the rich and famous of Jerusalem, and they wanted to be seen travelling in style. A gorgeous camel was perfect for these red carpet A-listers, but unfortunately for her, Daisy was not.
She desperately wants to repay her owner Saul, for all his kindness, but nobody wants to travel on a donkey, or do they?

“A wonderful traditional Christmas tale told with a modern twist, a must for children of all ages.” Barnes & Noble Childrens Review.

Russ Brown had experience of many, many story books and all too often found them too closed and allowed little to expand upon. One day while given the task of teaching the Christmas story to a mixed infant class he decided to write his own! A wonderful modern twist on a traditional tale with plenty of scope for further work.

As a supply teacher Russ Brown had plenty of places to try out his work and this book has been piloted with 12 primary schools and the response has always been the same “Brilliant, perfectly pitched for primary children”. Teachers saw the many ways in which the story can promote making choices and being kind, this is a proven story that children enjoy over and over, whether read alone or shared. This beautifully illustrated book creates an added depth to the story and shows an age old story in a completely modern re-telling. Kindle supports this book in full colour illustration.

Christmas planning will soon be here and this story is a must!

This book is a must for any supply teacher wishing to build up a bank of resources they can use with confidence at the drop of a hat, with any primary year group.
Russ can be contacted directly through www.russbrownauthor.co.uk or @russbrownauthor on twitter. If you contact him he has been known to send a complete set of teacher based resources linked to the book for free – meaning your planning is done for you!

Daisy the Donkey's First Fare - Russ Brown

Russ’s book, Daisy the Donkey’s First Fare is available on Amazon [affiliate link].

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