Feedback about your supply work

by Sharon Wood offers information and support to supply teachers through this website and its form. Here, we are discussing supply teacher agencies, and how important it is to receive feedback from them.

Teacher supply and recruitment agencies need to ensure a good working relationship with schools and teachers alike. They benefit greatly from referrals on both sides. Keeping lines of communication open with both schools and teachers helps to cement their relationship.

Monitoring placements is an essential part of the service agencies offer to schools and to teachers. They routinely call schools to ask for feedback following a placement, so try to make sure that the feedback about your supply work is filtered down to you.

Feedback information for supply teachers

Be a reflective supply teacher, always ask for feedback.

A word of warning: Don’t be surprised if the feedback isn’t what you expected! Schools are extremely busy places, with some extremely busy people in them. You can walk in, spend a day doing wonderful work, and walk out again not having seen another living soul above the age of 8! You may have only met the secretary, a dinner supervisor, or a TA, new to the job; it could be a few days before the class teacher is back in the classroom and sees your diligent marking and hears the children’s excited babbling about you! Is there any wonder that the feedback from an exhilarating day comes back pretty much neutral? Don’t be disheartened.

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