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Visiting Schools Prospecting For Work

Visiting schools prospecting for supply teaching work

by Sharon Wood

Supply teachers often can find work without going through an agency. I did! If this is something you have thought about doing, read the following information, and also why not visit the forum to read about the experiences of other supply teachers?

Making visits to schools can be invaluable for many reasons.

  1. You find them in your own time. Some school buildings really do hide themselves away. Some schools have strange rituals about how you are admitted to the building. If you receive a call later that week at 8:45am asking you to come in and work as a supply teacher for the day, you’ll be glad you know where it is!
  2. You can decide whether or not you really would like to take on supply work there. During a first visit, you may notice all sorts of gremlins in the way the school is run, and decide after all that you can live without that money!
  3. You can make a great first impression. Seize the opportunity with both hands to show them how good a supply teacher you really are. It doesn’t matter who you meet, however briefly, word will get back to whoever books supply teachers for the school. Be smart, be nice, be open, be interested, be confident, be knowledgeable and be enthusiastic.
  4. You might get a booking for supply work right there and then: it happens! NuttySupplier visited 6 schools in one day and got 4 days of bookings whilst stood in the entrance hall of the second school she visited!

Visiting schools can be daunting, but ultimately in your best interest.