Working without transport

Can you be a supply teacher with no car?
The answer to this is probably dependent on your location, location, location!
Working without transport may be your only option.
Me? No. I couldn't. I could use my bike to get to one school. The next closest school is not within cycling distance for me. The first bus through the village is after 10am. Taxi? Maybe, but it would cost around a third of my day rate to get to the third closest school. I live in a rural area, and schools are not only few and far between, but also have a relatively small intake. Small intakes mean low staff numbers, means barely any supply work on offer.
Is supply work possible without you own car?
Consider what transport is available to you, and make a list of the schools you could access (in good time!) via a) Shanks's pony, b) bicycle, c) public transport and d) private hire transport. Whatever the number of schools however, you must also consider the likelihood of getting work with them. Just one friendly school that puts you to the top of their supply list may be able to provide you with enough work, 23 schools that already have regular supply teachers may not.
Do you do supply work without a car? Are you able to access the Cycle to Work tax-free bikes scheme?
Where next? There's a great quick read here on holding an appropriate teaching qualification on supply.
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