Supply Teaching

Being a supply teacher has its ups and downs.  By Sharon Wood.

Through SupplyBag, I aim to provide you with all the information, resources and support you need to be a successful supply teacher. I help to ensure that your work is as satisfying as possible for you, the children, and your schools.

Sharon Wood, ex-supply teacher, supporting and celebrating supply teachers since 2005

Supply teaching can be a potentially isolating career. Flitting between schools, it is not always easy to build professional relationships. In much the same way as peripatetic teachers may feel somewhat nomadic, so supply teachers can feel as if they lead a migratory existence.

SupplyBag provides a focal point for anyone undertaking supply work. From here, you can learn about the pros and cons of supply work, discover how to become a supply teacher, find information on teaching recruitment agencies and uncover books on being a better supply teacher.

We have a wide selection of downloads available, the most recent addition being EYFS Supply Teaching Made Simple by EYFS career supply teacher and blogger Jenny Smith. 




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