Teachers should hold an appropriate teaching qualification – by HistoryGrump

Our education system, which was based upon the principle of a good and universal educational system led by highly qualified teachers, is now being consigned to an uncertain future. A future based upon the market ideology of the Secretary of State for Education. Michael Gove, one in which those who can afford to go to Eton or are able to gain entry into a grammar school will succeed and those who do not, will be at the mercy of the academies to fund the employment of qualified teachers for the education they deserve. One of Mr Gove’s latest objectives is, 'to ensure that every student has a high class teacher in front of them all the time'. He also wants to raise the entry requirement for any person wishing to enter the teacher training programme, and that any trainee teacher needs to pass new literacy and numeracy tests, yet examples of the new questions have been exposed to be absurd. He wants Headteachers to have the power to the remove poor performing teachers from the classroom, by ending the employment rights of teachers and so leaving the teachers at the whim of the Headteacher. Many would say the reforms have merit, but why is he at the same time, announcing that academies can recruit anyone to teach, even if they have no teacher training or qualifications of any kind. How can he say a teacher needs a good degree, but then allows a school to use someone without a GCSE in maths to teach permanent GCSE maths lessons?

Is it any wonder that with the increasing use of untrained staff, 50% of children leave school without any qualifications or poor core skills? The CBI has warned that ‘British business will not be competitive if nearly half of each year group is being failed by the system’. Yet the government finds it is acceptable for academies to replace teachers with unqualified staff to save money and embed the continuing failure of the system for generations to come. This has led teachers to say enough is enough, it is about time the government adopted a principle that only qualified teachers could be in charge of a class. This is to ensure that we have a system in which high quality teachers provide the craftsman and designers of the future, a system that will provide the well trained scientists, doctors, engineers and business leaders that the country needs to prosper in the future.

Unfortunately Mr. Gove’s approach appears to be based upon that of the Victorian

Sign the e-petition in support of all those teaching in school who *do* hold appropriate teaching qualifications

mill owner, who believes that a good level of education with highly qualified teachers is for the select few and not for the masses. This is why a group of teachers have established an E-petition to allow people to raise their objections to this, an attack on the teaching profession and the education system.

Please sign the e-petition here: http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/40106

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