Sample Curriculum Vitae

Supply teachers, I feel, are less well supported than most other teaching professionals. At we try and help! Here’s a little guidance on writing your CV. You can find more in the rest of the Paperwork section.

Sample Curriculum Vitae

Your CV. It’s all in the detail! Make it shine.

Really, this sample curriculum vitae (CV) for teachers and supply teachers is just to demonstrate a suggested order for your information to follow.

(Getting to grips with format issues on WordPress, bear with me!)

Nutty Supplier

Address 1
Address 2
Address 3

Tel: 01223 5678901
Mobile: 079678 398759

DfEE No.: 99/99999
Capita No.: 4800572
Date of Birth: 03.12.73
NI No.: TE 21 45 73 A
Marital Status: None of your business as a prospective employer (a pet peeve!)


(always put most recent first)

01.95 – 01.95 Crumpton University, Crumpton, County PGCE Upper Primary (Numeracy)

01.94 – 01.94 County University, City, County
BA (HONS) Disney Animations of the 20th Century 2(ii)

01.93 – 01.93 Institute of Disney Animators
MInstDA (Adv Dip) Disney Animation

01.92 – 01.92 Grotty School, Grottsville, County
A-Level General Studies A
Economics A
French A
GCSE Economics A
Russian A

01.91 – 01.91 Lessgrotty School, Grottsville, County
GCSE Mathematics A
English Language A
English Literature A
French A
German A
Chemistry A
Physics A
History A

Employment History

(Again, put most recent and relevant first)

Current Status: Self-employed

Clients: Disney Associates Ltd & DAA Consultants Ltd
Town, County
Disney Animators to the Stars
Duties and Tasks:
Accountancy, bookkeeping, payroll administration and research projects
Disney Consulting Ltd
Town, County
Cartoon Consultants
Duties and Tasks:
Preparation of conference agendas, analysis of conference minutes and reports, and research projects

Previous Experience: (Think carefully, do you want to put alllllll your work experience to show how flexible you are? Or will it look like you’re indecisive and can’t stick at something for long?)
Date Employer Job Title
01.07 – 01.07 Lakes Hotel Ltd Hotel Manager
01.06 – 01.06 Lovely Junior School Class Teacher
01.05 – 01.05 County County Council Supply Teacher
01.04 – 01.04 Lesslovely Junior School Class Teacher
01.03 – 01.03 Tescos Cashier
01.02 – 01.02 Town Council Special Needs Assistant
01.01 – 01.01 Travel Company Waitress
01.00 – 01.00 Foreign Legion Logistics Assistant
Nord-Pas de Calais, France
01.99 – 01.99 Holiday Camp Waitress

Relevant Work Experience:
01.01 – 01.01 Lovely Junior School, County
Class Teacher, ICT Co-ordinator
01.01 – 01.01 County County Council
Supply Teacher
01.01 – 01.01 Lesslovely Junior School, County
Class Teacher, ICT Co-ordinator
01.01 – 01.01 Awful Junior School, County
Host school of second teaching practice
01.01 – 01.01 Christian Junior School, County
Host school of first teaching practice
01.01 – 01.01 Beacon Primary School, Town
S.N.A. for three children, in Years 5 and 6
01.01 – 01.01 Hometown Junior School, Town
S.N.A. for two children in Year 3 and 4
01.01 – 01.01 Various schools throughout County
Pooh Bear Reading Scheme. Listening to readers in schools for children with special needs
01.01 – 01.01 Netherwood Special School, Town
Non-teaching activities in French classes
01.01 Hometown Junior School, Town
A three-week work experience

Personal Interests

I currently climb Mount Everest at the weekends, guiding groups of school children up there. I swim for England and am due to take part in the 2012 Olympics. In my spare time I am broadcaster of the local hospital radio and volunteer as a children’s clown at parties for underprivileged children in Estonia.


Mr G Phinn
Head Teacher
Lovely Junior School
Old Road
Tel: (01234) 567890
Mrs O Scrunchball
Head Teacher
Lesslovely Primary School
New Road
Tel: (01234) 567890

Above I have provided the contact details for my last two employers. I am however, able to provide contact details of other Head Teachers who are willing referees and indeed of my current clients if necessary.

Where next? There’s a great quick read here on Sample Personal / Supporting Statement. Check out our resources area here too.

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  1. Nutty Post author

    Thank you! I really need to update this page, some schools aren’t interested in GCSE results anymore. (And to sort some formatting issues!) It’s a shame as I was (in the day gone by) advised to choose a broad spectrum of subjects to study at GCSE level, if I wanted to teach Key Stage 1 or 2, as I would be teaching the kids a broad spectrum eventually, and that’s something else that prospective schools would look for! Jack of all!

  2. Heather

    Thank you nuttysupplier for some great tips on cv writing and for making me chuckle so much as I read the details of your references!!

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