Be a Better Supply Teacher – Liz Rhodes

Article submitted by Liz Rhodes, Author

I looked at many primary supply teacher books, but none of them provided quite what I wanted. You don't need loads of lesson plans (you can always get those from the Supply Bag, as mentioned in the book!). You do need information on how to go about getting work and legal and financial bits; if you're an NQT looking for a permanent post you need to know about the school day and the various pitfalls your college haven't told you about (because they don't know). If you are an older teacher, you need details of the ways in which the four rules of number are taught today (radically different from the old ways, and much better).
So all these things are included in my book, along with suggestions for behaviour management, working with other adults in the classroom and how to maintain your life/work balance. I don't actually pack your bag for you (sorry!), but I do give you a list of things you might need. It's in a handy pocket-sized format (12 x 17 cm) and is part of a series by different authors on a variety of educational subjects.
There's just one problem – if the book is successful, I could be doing myself out of a teaching job. Ah well, I can always take up my new career as an author!

Be A Better Supply Teacher - Liz Rhodes

Liz's book is available on Amazon.