On CPD for Supply Teachers, by Mathew Rees Jones

Having worked as head teacher and now training primary teachers I have seen how important supply teachers are. They provide a key role within education system and in our schools. They ensure that schools are able to continue in their key functionality and provide invaluable support and stability in a high stakes environment often in times of adversity. They are a key emergency service for those managing schools. Often however the trusty supply teacher is considered a lesser partner within the education system and some question their credentials as key educators in their own right. They are often perceived as those who have not received enough support or training in their own careers that they are now seen as only “the supply” teacher. The irony is that for many supply teachers who are called in to schools, they are there because they are covering contracted teachers who are receiving training. It is also evident that professional support and CPD opportunities are few and far between for the supply teacher yet they are required to fit in seamlessly to school systems with no support or further career development. However a glimmer of hope is provided with the “CPD for Supply Teachers, self study course for teachers in any key stage”.

This well-structured six part self study course provides structure and support for those working as supply teachers. The well-presented and logical structured course is an effective way for the supply teacher to reflect, log and control their own CPD. It is clear that the material is specific and relevant for those working in this sector. It also mirrors some of the induction material and support that those who are offered permanent employment in school would receive once in a position. This makes this particular course an effective bridge for the supply teacher seeking a permanent position or those who are wanting to improve their own pedagogy and career development.

I would like to congratulate Sharon Wood and Helen Wright on producing such a valuable resource for the often undervalued supply teacher.

Mathew Rees Jones, Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Wales Trinity Saint David.

CPD Course for Supply Teachers

The 6 modules are as follows:
1. Presenting Yourself as a Professional
2. Building Self-Confidence
3. Improvisation Skills
4. Behaviour Management
5. Building Long-Term Professional Relationships
6. Time for Reflection

Each module will take between 3-5 hours to complete.

CPD for Supply Teachers, a self-study course, is priced at £15.00. The course will be delivered as a Word document (.docx), and a self-evaluation certificate for your CPD file will be sent in a separate email.

£15.00 – upon completion of payment, please click on ‘Return to Merchant’ which will take you to the document for download.
Your Certificate will follow by email within a few days.


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