Physical Development Activities for Supply Teachers in EYFS

EYFS Supply Teaching Made SimpleThese Physical Development activities, supply teaching ideas for EYFS, are taken from the book EYFS Supply Teaching Made Simple.

For a key worker session, children could decorate a simple hand drawn shape, loosely related to their topic (a star / a balloon / a flower, for example) and photocopied onto card or paper, using resources gathered from the art/modelling area (shiny paper / crepe paper are examples, but there will usually be plenty of other choice). They could then cut this out and thread a piece of wool or string through to make a decoration, or stick it to a simply folded card, depending on resources available. (Links to EAD)

Parachute or lycra games, small group, key worker group or whole class. (Links to PSED and EAD)

Draw designs and write instructions for a model the children will make in the art/modelling area (Links to C&L, L, UW, EAD)

Use threading beads (usually in the mathematics resources) and create a repeating pattern (Links to UW and M)

Read a story and move in a range of ways related to characters in the story, e.g. creep like the mouse, slither like the snake, scurry like the fox, swoop like the owl and stomp like the Gruffalo. (Links to L, C & L, UW, EAD)

Discuss different foods. Using resources from the home area sort according to likes and dislikes, or draw favourite foods (older children could label). Make a graph of favourite foods. How many children like…compared to how many children like…? Which foods are healthiest? Which foods might we eat only every now and again? Why? (Links to C&L, L, M, UW)

Write / draw the ingredients for a healthy recipe (e.g. smoothie) (Links to C&L, UW, L)

Design posters for healthy foods (Links to UW, L)

Create own finger puppets in response to a story using lolly sticks/sellotape and paper. Children can cut them out and use them to act out the story in this or another session. (Links to C & L, L, EAD)

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