Resource-Free Lesson Plans for Numeracy

As a supply teacher, you may worry that no work will be left for you when you arrive in school. Even on a pre-booked day! I have found these fears to be largely unjustified, yet all the same, it's good to have something up your sleeve – it can happen!

These one-liner Numeracy lessons plans are intended to be used as a prompt when no planning has been left for you as a supply teacher. They are relevant to the Primary Framework for Numeracy announced in October 2006. They are not intended to be replacements for full lesson plans, and no liability can be accepted by us if you decide to use them. They are mainly from the top of NuttySupplier's head.

Work is split into year groups, and then further split into blocks as defined below:

  • Block A – Counting, partitioning and calculating
  • Block B – Securing number facts, understanding shape
  • Block C – Handling data and measures
  • Block D – Calculating, measuring and understanding shape
  • Block E – Securing number facts, relationships and calculating

In the Primary Framework, Blocks are intended to last 6-9 weeks work. Each Block includes objectives from Using and Applying Mathematics, plus two or three objectives from the other core strands.

The strands of learning objectives are:

  • Using and applying mathematics
  • Counting and understanding number
  • Knowing and using number facts
  • Calculating
  • Understanding shape
  • Measuring
  • Handling data
Resource-Free Lesson Plans for Numeracy

Emergency, Resource-Free Lesson Plans for Numeracy

As you will see from the supply teacher ideas below, I have followed a further breakdown of the Blocks in order to make the teaching of individual year groups more relevant.

Emergency lesson plans for Year 3  Numeracy

Emergency lesson plans for Year 4  Numeracy

Emergency lesson plans for Year 5  Numeracy

Emergency lesson plans for Year 6  Numeracy

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