Returning to teaching, is supply work a good route?

Thinking of returning to teaching? After an extended period of absence, maybe to raise a family, or have a well deserved break, the thought of stepping back into the classroom can be a daunting prospect.Returning to teaching through supply work

Supply teaching offers a flexible route back into work. You may feel overwhelmed at the thought of all the paperwork that having your own class would mean, coupled with lack of current curriculum knowledge (guaranteed the curriculum has changed since you left!) and supply work could be the answer. Returning to teaching through supply could possibly mean working fewer hours outside of the classroom.

On the flip side, facing a room full of screaming kids who you don't know, and who have no idea how to talk to you? Phew. What a thought.

First of all, they won't be screaming. You'll be able to follow someone else's plans (almost all the time). And really, it's like riding a bicycle.

Have a go? Got questions? Carry on reading, or pop on over to the supply teacher support forum.

Did you take a break from teaching? Has supply teaching boosted your confidence or does just the thought of it leave you quaking in your boots?

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