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Sun Safe Activities

Talking to children about staying safe in the sun is something that all parents are charged with, but regular reminders are a must in school too.  Kathryn Clifford and Chantal Renn have developed a gorgeous character in “George the Sun Safe Superstar“, with profits of the book going to skin safe charity Skcin.  Not only can you take the book on supply teaching assignments with you, but *if* you get access to the IWB *and* the internet, they you will be able to watch the animated version of George the Sun Safe Superstar here!

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Value in a supply teacher’s ‘one off’ lesson plans

Supply teachers are often faced, for whatever reason, with no planning. SupplyBag.co.uk has a bank of emergency, one-off lesson plans here. I suggest however, that you work on creating your own bank of all-singing, all-dancing lessons, even if only one, in order to increase your confidence, and make you memorable!

Be a supply teacher with added value. You have the benefit of time. You can spend days without supply work, working on your supply teacher ideas.One off supply teacher lesson plans should add value to a child's education

Although I believe that you should never find yourself in a classroom with no planning, if you are, then it's up to you to make sure the children are educated appropriately that day. You are familiar with the curriculum, take the opportunity to teach outstandingly. Find inspiration in places teachers bound by time and energy restrictions may not have thought of. Think about how you can instil awe and wonder in the children. Excite them. Find a starting point that has them eating out of your hand. Hold their interest, and behaviour management becomes less of an issue.

Being a supply teacher you are in a unique position to add value to a child's education. Bringing an element of surprise with you, children should look forward to a day with a supply teacher, for very different reasons to those I remember myself! Many, many lesson ideas can be adapted to any year group.

It isn't a bad idea to plan a whole day's lessons in advance just in case. Don't go into too much detail with lesson plans, if there are none left for you I believe the school is in the wrong and it needs to be addressed by senior management promptly, so they shouldn't be scrutinising any plans you are able to supply. Think of a whole day theme… Think outside of the box. Think about something that you would be not just comfortable teaching, but excited about teaching about. It's a privilege to be entrusted with a class full of children's minds for the day… Make the most of it, and be the best educator you can be.

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