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St Valentine’s Day Supply Teaching Activities

Oh, how blissful, those heady St Valentine’s Days in school.
Oh, how awkward, those cringe-worthy St Valentine’s Days in school!

No matter what your take is on the big day, St Valentine’s offers many teaching and learning opportunities… Here are a few easy ones for starters:

Lots of fun (especially in Numeracy) with these Giant Love Hearts [Image click is an affiliate link]!

Love Hearts - lots of fraction fun on St Valentine's Day!

What is the average number of yellow ones in a pack?
Can you do a tally of how many letters on individual sweets?
(Clean hands and then) estimate and actual of how many you can hold (in your hand, not mouth!)
How can we measure the circumference accurately before Mr Peachton eats them all?
Compare a pack of these ‘Giant’ Love Hearts to a pack of normal sized Love Hearts – how much bigger are they? Apply that percentage to your own heart. How big is your own heart? How big, therefore, might the giant’s heart be in a fairy tale?
Nutritional values: how much ‘love’ is too much in one day?!

Great resource for sorting activities on St Valentine's Day

These heart shaped buttons [Image click is an affiliate link] come in bright colours and are perfect for sorting challenges with the little ones (colours, sizes and shape) as well as motor skills activities. Crafting with the older children would be darling with them: think glue, threading, sewing, rubbings, printing and sequencing!


The perfect stickers for kids on St Valentine's Day
And who can resist a sticker? Not me. I can see these form stickers adorning cards up and down the country this year – and hair accessories, and cardigans, and pencil cases, an untold number of opportunities to get PVA glue stuck to your fingers for picking off later 😉 Go on, you know you like it, treat yourself, it’s the day for it! [Image click is an affiliate link]


Your turn – give me your thoughts on St Valentine’s Day in school

Tell me, what do you like to do on this lovely day in school? Do you embrace it with all your heart? Or would you rather hide it under the carpet and pretend it doesn’t exist?

Where next? There’s a great quick read here on starting out at school. Check out our resources area here too.