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The Perfect Food for Supply Teachers? Supply Teacher Tips

My top supply teacher tips #1

Dark chocolate.

The darker the better.

Take a bar, snap it into tiny little pieces. Pop all the tiny little pieces into a Tupperware snap-lock container. A small one. Put the container into your supply teaching bag.

Take one or two pieces as and when necessary during the school day.

Top tip: dark chocolate sticks to teeth like crazy. Also a good idea to carry a compact mirror in your bag to check!

Dark Chocolate - The Ultimate Food for Supply Teachers?

Few noises are more satisfying than the snap of a good chocolate. Pre-snapped, you can carry it in your school bag for the ultimate break-time secret snack!

Do you have a secret stash? What’s the essential, edible component in your supply teacher’s tool kit? I hope you’re not on of those savoury people like my partner! He carries chunks of cheese round for emergency situations!