The Perfect Food for Supply Teachers? Supply Teacher Tips

My top supply teacher tips #1

Dark chocolate.

The darker the better.

Take a bar, snap it into tiny little pieces. Pop all the tiny little pieces into a Tupperware snap-lock container. A small one. Put the container into your supply teaching bag.

Take one or two pieces as and when necessary during the school day.

Top tip: dark chocolate sticks to teeth like crazy. Also a good idea to carry a compact mirror in your bag to check!

Dark Chocolate - The Ultimate Food for Supply Teachers?

Few noises are more satisfying than the snap of a good chocolate. Pre-snapped, you can carry it in your school bag for the ultimate break-time secret snack!

Do you have a secret stash? What’s the essential, edible component in your supply teacher’s tool kit? I hope you’re not on of those savoury people like my partner! He carries chunks of cheese round for emergency situations!

3 thoughts on “The Perfect Food for Supply Teachers? Supply Teacher Tips

  1. Nutty Post author

    If you’d like to be a little healthier than me, get a free Graze box at, using this voucher code: 1CQFJXM Nutty x

  2. Nutty Post author

    I’m a complete chocoholic… It can get me through anything! You’re right though, I feel lethargic again within a few minutes. Porridge! Yummmmmm!

  3. Nathalia Hurt

    Chocolate has to be one of the worst things to get you through a day-it leaves you lethargic and flumpy! I’d rather the cheese, but in reality having porridge in the morning and fresh fruit in my bag to get me through the day is the ideal for me! Chocolate isnt a food. . .

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