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About Us

by Sharon Wood aka NuttySupplier

I taught full-time in KS2 for a number of years in the south of England before relocating back to the north. After taking my own class, implementing initiative after initiative, moving classrooms and year groups 85% of academic years and running an average 6 clubs a week, I’d had enough! I took a few years out of teaching completely, explaining to friends and family that at the tender age of £$%* that I’d retired.

I had done a little supply in the south, as part of a return to work programme after a period of illness. However, this was undertaken in schools known to me, where the children still saw me as a teacher at their school. It was nothing like the world I was thrown into when I agreed to help out a local school for a few days during a particularly bad viral attack on their teaching staff after a couple of years back north!

Despite my initial reluctance at stepping back into a classroom, I ended a job contract in business facilitation in favour of doing more supply, and terminated contracts with various clients along with my self-employment status in favour of doing even more.  It was a great work/life balance, and just what I needed as I had bought a house to renovate.  For many years, I juggled contracts with schools in the area, from day-long to year-long, all temporary, all part-time, just how I like them!

I don’t do any teaching now due to a compromised immune system, but I am now a very proud mummy, and I also own TheSupplyTeacher.com.

SupplyBag - The essential resource for supply teachers


SupplyBag.co.uk was borne out of the forum within this site. NuttySupplier set up the Supply Teacher Forum on 19th November 2005 which enjoys many visits from friends old and new, daily. SupplyBag.co.uk is an attempt to formalise and categorise the vast amount of information contained within the forum, and present it in a way which makes it more easily accessible to the new visitor.

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